JpR Factotum

A train station somewhere in the middle of Sweden a cold day i November with minus two degrees Celsius. Sven sits and waits for his train that will departure in a half hour. He turned eighty seven last month, he has been a widower for eight years now. Sven is a tall man and he still got a full set of hair even if it have turned gray, no signs of going bald. His suit is of a timeless cut but it is well worn and showed signs of being well worn. Sven has still curious eyes and likes to meet new people.

Sven observes the other people in the waiting room and thinks:

-What is it with people today? Nobody is looking in other peoples eyes anymore but almost everybody stares down on a device. I remember when people used to talk to each other on train stations and telling about where they are going or where they have been.


-Well times change and not always for the better. But why complain i had a god life even if it was better when my beloved wife Eva was still alive now it is just alright. We got three fine children two boys and a girl, they have fine careers and are successful in their fields. Every month one of them come to visit for a day or two, i suspect that they have made a rota who's turn it is to visit me. I suspect that it is Jonas or Anna that have made the rota, they got it from Eva and Tom is more like me, living a day at the time.


-I miss my Eva everyday but she made me promise that i was allowed to morn her for no longer than a year and after that try to make the best of it. She was the brain in our family and she tough me how to enjoy life and every day try to find at least one thing to be happy for. Eva was right, i find something every day and now i have become a great-grandfather to a little girl.


Sven's thoughts got interrupted by a group of teens that enter the waiting-room, they are loud voiced and complain as their train is forty seven minutes late.


Sven smiles to him self and think:

- At least they are talking to each other and i suspect that i wasn't better when i was their age.

What a fun time for them to be alive, no wars or starvation and teachers aren’t allowed to spank them.


-I don’t understand all technology that’s used to day but thanks to Jonas i have a computer and he made it easy for me so i can even make video-calls to the grandchildren. Jonas has labeled and left written instructions on how to use the computer and he has made it step by step instructions so i don’t know what i am doing but it seems to work so no complaints from me.


-Oh, i am so exited, this is the first time i go by train by my self after Eva passed away. This is the first time in my life that i bought train-tickets and through the computer hear and behold. It has always been something Eva or the children done for me.


-Today i am double exited since i am going to my great-grandchild's baptism and staying the night at a hotel, i haven’t done that after Eva got sick before she passed away. But as my Eva would have said life goes on so enjoy it.


-It is time to go to the platform the train is arriving in five minutes. It is strange how life turns out, i am eightyseven and don’t need a cane, my father started to use a cane when he turned fifty nine.


Sven enters the train and finds his seat and he has only a small briefcase so it is no trouble to put it under the table.

-It is nice that people are still nice even if they are occupied by their devices, this young lady sitting opposite of me stared at her device.

After a while she looked at Sven and and asked:

-Do you want something from the train diner.

-I told her that i wanted a black coffee and a cheese-bun and handed her some money. She came back after a while and we had a little chat so she made my day. It has been a while since a total stranger had a chat with me for no other reason than to chat. Me the old man talking to a young woman, she told me that i looked like a grandfather should look and she would liked to have one but her parents had broken all ties with her grandfather and now it is to late as he has past away.


The train arrives at the destination and there where Anna and Tom waiting with some of their children. The children yelled ”grandpa” and ran to Sven and hugged him.

- They remember me and seems to have missed me, That’s nice. Anna toke me to the Hotel as i insisted on that, i told them that i wanted a Hotel breakfast at least one more time. That is the reason i told them, didn’t tell them that i didn’t wanted to be a burden on a day like this. I took a shower at the Hotel-room as i did once every week, Eva had forced me to do that so it stuck and it reminds me of that Eva made me a better man.


-Later Anna took me to church and it was a beautiful ceremony. Afterwards we took a lot of pictures and i got to hold the little bundle of joy. And in the evening i said goodbye to all my children, grandchildren, i got to hug all of them that was a huge task.


In the morning Sven was no more.