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Flies are spies!

Flies are spies!

Flies are spies with their compound eyes, they won’t dare to look you in the eyes. They will report to whoever that gives them the best shit. They mostly spy for the government due to the fact that the people don’t do as the government wants and the flies do the job for some shit. They fly in your face to distract you from suspecting that they spy and report your opinions. It is the same thing with them buzzing here and there but it is all just a sham, when they fly here and there and everywhere they register everything that is in their field of vision.

Flies don’t care if you pick your nose but they make sure of documenting it so that they can show it for the one who ordered the surveillance of you. Flies are strange creatures and it seems that they can be connected to computers due to the fact that the technical development has advanced so far these days. Today they have tiny landing pads for the flies and when the fly lands, the pad connects fly and computer together wirelessly . When the fly is connected to the computer it records everything that the fly has seen including you picking your nose. They gladly show you strolling around in your previously clean underwear but they aren’t so clean today.

It seems like most governments get hold of the best shit and that’s the reason most flies spy for the government. The flies don’t mind taking extra missions but then they want more shit for it. Most governments have a secret department that tries to sort all the information they get from the flies. The department takes a big piece of tax money so that’s one reason why no government thinks that the taxes are too high. This is also much better than phone tapping and in a way not even illegal due to the fact that flies are wild and free creatures whom fly how and where they want and that they register everything is a completely different issue.

Previously, flies have been an unused resource but then technology and science discovered that the fly brain has the same construction structure as the human brain and that the brains are a different size doesn’t mean that the brains function in different ways. This made the scientists research even more and by mistake they discovered that at a certain frequency they could receive data from the flies. Scientists continued and with today’s IT-development they could decode the information on that frequency and got out sound and visual images. They also discovered that the differences in strength and quality depend on what type of shit the fly has eaten. Apparently the shit from politicians’ is the best and gives the strongest signal. When the scientists experimented with different kinds of shit, the flies preferred politicians’ shit above any other shit. During the testing a single one of the flies did not land on other shit if there was politicians’ shit to choose. When they removed the politicians’ shit only then did the flies land on other shit.

Why would the governments want to spy on their own citizens you may ask? For the simple reason that the voters have the wrong opinions and need to be educated towards the right opinions. The media has no freedom of speech but they write what they are told to write. Even if it sometimes looks like they are complaining on the government it is still written with the approval from the government. So if you see a fly or several, kill them all for they can’t be trusted and with a 99 per cent likelihood spying for the government.

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